Friday, August 10, 2012

Taiwan 9.2 - Kenting!

Editted a short video instead of blogging. I am sick of waiting the pictures to be uploaded. Seriously, -______- Well, this video was recorded at one of the tourist spots at Kenting, and I actually forgot what is the place called. fml. Anyway, it's somewhere where we can see nine different interesting patterns of B A T U aka rock! Lol.. pics will be up later, just wanted to show you all how beautiful the ocean and the sky are!

Nonetheless, thanks god, everything still went on smoothly for us although it was a last-minute decision and an unplanned destination. And uh oh uh oh, who says Kenting same like Batu Ferringhi beach one ahh? Got nothing one lah! Seriously, s c r a t c h that please. Can say one of my favorite stops of all lo! okay, enough of my grandmother story. 2.24am, shall be on the bed right now -.- Night!

and good morning. x

p/s: video is abit cacat-ed as I didn't edit the shakiness(something like dat) after done uploading in Youtube. The ori video looks much more better! =X So sorry for that! And thanks for watching.

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