Monday, August 13, 2012

Taiwan - 3.3 台中彩虹眷村


———————————— Update: Continuation of the previous entry......

And so, we set off to our next destination, the R A I N B O W V I L L A G E around 5 in the evening!

It was sunset already...
But, there's still a whole bunch of tourist hanging around and busy having their 'photoshoot' session!

Group picture of our legs! 到此一游ma right.. lolol

A pic of me!

Location: 台中市南屯區春安里春安路56巷
To prove to you all how colorful the rainbow village is, allow me to photobomb you all from this second.. Sorry folks xD



Have you gone waaah...wowww.... woahhhh already!? The mural is just so detailed and artistic right!




What face is this! lol

Do you know who's the O.N.E who painted the WHOLE village!? The uncle above it is! Known as Rainbow uncle aka 彩虹爷爷. He is so damn awesome lehh.. Very pui fuk him can draw all this by himself ALONE! I mean, I actually read about an article saying that he, who loves painting the wall, started all this just to kill his time :O Who knows the outcome turned out to be so pretty and artsy.. That's why they are now slowly transforming the village into a lil tourist spot too.

I would recommend this place to those photography freaks/enthusiasts like me. Snap till you shou ruan (hand-sore) . Hahaha! Exaggerating only lah okay

Continue with some pictures...


From what I know, the entire mural of the village has a sequence of stories one lorr.. But me being so me was too busy taking pictures. So, I ended up didn't figure out what the story is! -.-











The hensem Andy Lau was here!








We all need this! ''Health is wealth'' :)


Be back soon for the next entry: The famous Feng Jia night market in Taichung 逢甲夜市


Thanks for reading.
Love, ame.


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