Saturday, July 7, 2012

Taiwan- 1.1 PEN-KUL-TPE

Today is all about taking all sorts of transportation bus, car, airplane and you name it. Total = 12.5 hours, crazyyy.. Reaching in Taipei safe and sound. Didn't take much picture though cuz we were all in naked and tired face. So yeah, it's 2.36am now. Gotta sleep soon. Dead tired already. Bb. X


Update: we registered international youth programme once we had touched down too. It's known as 國際青年旅遊卡 in Chinese. You will get some benefit like discount for theme park or some mingsu.

Fyi, My companions for this trip are my cousin, Camille and my roommate, Jace. I will name this trip as '台灣3人Papago' hahaha! Oh well, got name sumor. Tsktsk. 3blur girls exploring Taiwan, im sure this will be fun!

Blur case #1: we were too indulging ourselves with our dunkin donuts until we forgot the time to boarding. Our flight to TPE was actually at 5.45pm. And suddenly Jace asked : when are we supposed to go on board? We looked at our watch and boarding pass and each other and shyt, it's 5.20 pm alr, we ran all the way to the gate and it said gate T18 DITUTUP. We were so worried we would miss the flight and quickly asked one of the attendant thr. And she said, oh to TPE, boarding now. Total relief! We're like wtf why showed gate closed leh? Really Giving us heart attack lorr -.- we seriously thought we would end up flying back to pg zzz

Blur case #2: we actually misthought the soap at the basin as water. Sia Sui case cuz were too thirsty. Lol. Kthxbai


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