Friday, October 21, 2011

My Happiest Moment

Spotlight of the night: Miss Evelyn Ngu

It was her 21st advanced birthday celebration on last saturday night. To make her 21st more memorable, we made it down to Batu Ferrigghi's 69Mansion, by the bitch beach and The Ship to celebrate her birthday! Fyi and if you don't know, she's a Sarawakian, and I've known her since my foundation year in my uni. And my role was and has always been her personal tourist guide whenever she's in Penang. hahah tsktsk right!

Me, Eve, Erene, Lily

Seriously, it was my first time being there! #phailedpenanglang LOL
Anyway, nice place and awesome ambiance to chillax at..

It somehow looks like I'm standing in the middle of nowhere where it's flooding, no? lolol!!
Btw, dress code of the day was C O L O R F U L.. Am I looking colorful enuf?

The pretty birthday girl!

And yours truly :) 
Didn't bring any extra clothes.. Kenot jump into the pool! What a waste! hahah!

Blowing candles, cutting cake and making wishes session

My happiest moment #1 is no other than capturing images of people I love at this special occasion. The instant moment they laughed or smiled or doing whatever funny or silly stuff.. I find it happy when reviewing back all the photos... Sometimes, somewhere, somehow someone or some silly pictures will naturally put a smile on your face. Agree with me not?

So the equation of my happiest moment goes:
The happy moments of my loved ones = My happiest moment :)  

Spongebob VS Hello Kitty.
 You must be thinking, hello, it's her 21st, what's with the Hello Kitty cake? 
People young at heart ma ohkaaay? hahhaha!!

My happiest moment #2 is spending time with the people I love! It doesn't matter where and when, but it is the people around you that matters the most :)

Another awesome outing of ours! Hope you enjoyed your mini birthday celebration that night! 
Happy 21st Birthday to you once again! Another official adult is born. hehe :) 

Some pics taken during our din din at The Ship

Group pic!

I remember it was year 2008 back then. Her first time coming down to the Penang Island! Awww... our innocent faces xD 

I guess time changed, people changed, a lot of things changed and we changed. ALOT. (as in physically? hahah!!) Aren't we? 


I bet everyone of us wishes to have a pause button in our life so that we are able to stay put in our #foreverhappymoment. You must be thinking who's capable in creating this miracle? My answer will definitely goes to the sexiest gadget in town, the Olympus PEN! I think it would definitely do a great job in freezing my #foreverhappymoment and preserving all my happy memories in the future..
If only I could have owned one la.. pretty pwease.... hehe! :D

Oh wells, looking back at the old pics just made my day:)
I  j u s t  c o u l d n ' t  s t o p  l a u g h i n g !  L O L 
Have a great weekend ahead ppl! 
Loves, Ame.


Anonymous said...

She's Sarawakian! =D Good photos!!

A. said...

Ooopss.. Izzit!? I always mixed up Sabahan and Sarawakians! hahah! Thanks for the correction! hehe:)