Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dear 365, today is Day 285

Aloha! Me is here again! hehe.. Finally my competency test is OVER! yayay! Exams always make me EMO sial  Now I'm a happy girl again :):) hehe Oh wells, I'd say it's terrifying enuf than any other practical exams that I've had (more to come in the future? fuuuu) lol..

Been learning fanveil for weeks and almost finishing the whole choreograph dee! Wee.. A lil of me while practicing .. I'm not allowed to post any vid actually so I'll just show u my blooper vid.. Hahah!

Loving fanveil cus it's so colourful, hate it becus it makes my arm feels soreee after holding for some period (to console self, my arm might bcome slimmer, aight? as in no extra fats hanging around... hahaha!!)

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