Tuesday, February 22, 2011

If you are hungry lets proceed =P

Dine and wine at the Sarkies Corner E&O hotel last saturday night. It was a buffet style dinner and free flow of wine, fruit punch and beer are available on friday and saturday. So yeah, daddy brought me there for my simple post-birthday celebration. I know, i know (if you don't know and fyi my birthday was one month ago -.- hahaha!) Have been caught up with the exams, CNY celebration, cheer practice and whatnot mah. lol! Anyway, please be noted that this entry will be a picspam post! Not my vain pics laa don't worry =P

My boyfie for life <3

Wanted to book indoor one but who knows fully booked ah

The outdoor atmosphere was not bad tho. Can enjoy the sea breeze and watch the sea view but it was a lil bit warm that night. And the mosquitoes suck my blood! wth 

Coco mountain! Me love it! hehe :D I was concentrating on the topping of my marshmallow :D

My lil sis

The desserts were all so well-decorated and looking sho delicious. How I wish I could gulp them all :O

 My goodness! This is my favourite corner amongst all!! I seriously don't mind to eat till lao sai I tell you :Xwtf hahhaha!

Points pic* My favourite!!!!! Salmon sashimi!!!! *Excited*

the Carnivores' corner

Actually there're still some food I didn't manage to capture. I was mad hungry that time! hahaha! So yeah, if you want more pics please read up the other food blogs :) 

tamchiak caught in action! 

A full of satisfaction face it is. 

with lil sis and papa

Everything was awesome that night ! 

We started our feasting session from 7ish until 10ish. You can imagine how bloated my stomach was ! hahah! 

So guys, if you love to eat and enjoy, don't miss it! Definitely an amazing place to have your dindin :D

Till then! Bai! Off to get some food! effing hungry nao...... Shudn't blog about this at this very hour -.-

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ken said...

nice buffet spread.. the desserts section sure look good.. haha :)