Wednesday, February 2, 2011

365 - Day 33

Had my first proper (like finally) outdoor photo shoot w/ my model aka my cousie Camille Soo. I've lost my virginity to her leh.. LMAO! And yes, we actually enjoyed our shooting very much under this kind of weather *wipes sweat away* God is pretty kind to us today! *sarcasm* hahhaha! Despite the scorching killing sun, the outcome turns out to be very satisfying!! yayyy! So, stay tuned people! hehe! Oh well, I guess I shall do more elaboration on this later when I'm done with all the pictures. 

P/S: No mandarin today. Mad exhausted right noww. So yeah, cheers! Have a prosperous bunny year~!

One more picca for you before I end this post! My guinea pig sedang ban ke ai! hahahha!
San fu sai <3

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