Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I just need more holiday

First outdoor photo shoot with Camille S. (Part 1)

Theme: I just need more holiday 
(I'm still in CNY mood =P)
We didn't really plan for a particular theme though. The outfit, makeups and all were decided on that day itself. haha! Yes, we love being random! 

Venue: Chew Jetty

Featuring: Camille S
Photographed by: Amelia S
Make up by: Camille S
Hairdo by: Amelia S 

#1 Her current profile pic


#3 I love this one



#6 Lovely smile under the 12pm's sun. I feel so sorry to her. Didn't expect the weather would be that hot that day. But oh well, hard work pays off loh! This is nice isn't it?


#8 AHHH, super like this one!!! Got the Vivi magazine cover feel!


#10 Jappy girl :D



#13 Sexaay lips

#14 emo 





Special thanks to my daddy for being our driver and my lil sis, Amanda for being my assistant! She's only ten-years-old, but dont play play, she can be professional at photography at times. Talented-to-be. HAHA!


Something behind the scenes :)

Come back for Part 2 :)



ken said...

number 3, 6 and 8 are nice :)

A. said...

Thanks :)