Friday, August 29, 2014

Mid-Autumn Celebration @ Gurney Paragon Mall

Mid-autumn festival is just around the corner. Gurney Paragon Mall is organizing a mooncakes fair which features an exquisite selection of mooncakes in baked skin and snow skin for a variety of brands! You can find them at St' Jo (level 1) and Penang on 6 (level 6) .

Their ongoing promotion will be held starting on 16 August 2014 until 8 September 2014

1. Purple Cane

They are selling HALAL & VEGETARIAN mooncakes. Besides, most of their mooncakes are less sugar, less oil and no preservatives. So this will be the best choice if you are a healthy-conscious person. 
White Lotus Paste RM9.80 (on the most right)
It has got refreshing light green tea crust. For green tea lover, you will definitely love this as the green tea taste is strong.

White Tea Purple Lotus Paste RM9.80
Purple potato crust mooncake stuffed with lotus paste, purple sweet potato and a touch of white tea. It's light and delicate. 

Puer Tea, Dang Gui, Chinese Wolfberry, Assorted Nuts Paste RM11.30/piece
It's traditional cantonese crusted. This is a must-try to those who are into healthy diet. 

2. Leong Yin

Starting from 5-7 September, shoppers can redeem a complimentary Leong Yin pastry’s mooncake with a minimum spending of RM 200 and above in a single receipt at any of Gurney Paragon Mall’s outlets.

Ballad of the Moon RM17.20/piece RM68.80/box
Custard paste with salted egg custard paste. Eating it is like eating butterscotch bread.

Lunar Delight RM17.50/piece RM70/box
White coffee paste with pure durian paste. To me, it tasted like durian kuih.

Intense Wheatgrass Juujube Splendor RM17.20/piece RM68.80/box
Red dates with wheatgrass paste. It's abit sticky but overall it still tasted fine.

3. Foh San

If you are a food hunter you will definitely know Foh San Dim Sum in Ipoh. They are famous for their dim sum and I think their mooncakes are worth trying too.

Cappucino Mooncake RM14.60/piece
The cappucino taste is not as strong as I imagined though.

4. Kam Lun Tai

Shanghai Yolk RM17.20/piece RM68.80/box
It's HALAL and the richness and saltiness of duck egg yolk didn't disappoint me.

5. The Baker's Cottage

Avocado Mango Tango RM16.80/piece
It has got fragrant coconut butter pastry skin, milk avocado lotus paste with mango mung bean filling and dried mango. So basically the taste is a mixture of avocado, coconut and also some mango bits.

Taste of Crimson Opera RM18.90/piece
It has the content of beetroot, followed by a heart of cheese and creamy white chocolate.

One of their main highlights this year too.

7. Canton-I

I believe most of you are not a stranger to Dragon-i and Canton-i as they are well-known for their Chinese cuisine.

Frosty Durian Musang King RM28/per pack (2pieces)
For those durian lovers, this is a MUST TRY! Even Eileen, one of my bloggers friend who doesn't eat durian also complimented their musang king durian mooncake. No doubt, it tasted very rich and it's made of real durian musang king pulp.  


Organic Charcoal Skin with Coffee Paste RM20/piece

8. Hong Kong Mei-Xin

Egg Custard Mooncake RM50 4pc/box ; RM98 8pc/box
The only mooncakes which are imported from Hong Kong.

Their packaging is cute and mini in size that can be easily finished in one bite :D

9. Fai Fong

Bamboo Charcoal Lotus Paste RM14.50/piece (on the right)

Assorted Fruits, Nuts & Ham RM16/piece
One of their signature mooncakes.

Other than that, Gurney Paragon Mall will be having mid-autumn festival celebration too. Don't miss out this fun-filled day with your friends and family on 6 September 2014 at Penang On 6 (level 6) from 2pm-9.30pm. 
*Redeem a complimentary pot of tea from Jing-Si Books and Café when you spend RM 50 and above in a single receipt at Penang on 6 or Wei Shiang (Level 6) on 6 September 2014.

Do head over Gurney Paragon's facebook page for more :)

p/s: You may click on the title of each brand to direct you to their main website for your survey on their menu and price list.

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The plastic container from Purple Cane looks cute. I just knew that Leong Yin is actually from Penang. Thanks for sharing.