Sunday, August 17, 2014

Coffee on the Table

Went to Coffee on the Table just few days ago. It was an impromptu coffee hunting day since my sis was craving for coffee. And this cafe just *ting* on my mind. lol. 

Fyi, Coffee on the Table was original crew from Cafe55 and they are famous for their 3D coffee art. Wanted to try out their coffee for long time but never had a chance. So finally here I came with a passionate coffee hunter/coffee lover (my sis). Well honestly, I'm just a coffee art lover, never a coffee lover. mehh. haha!

Before I delete all these cute pictures from my phone. So cuteee okay! Too cute to be drinked up :3

Left was cafe latte RM12; Right was coffee mocha RM15.

Okay, so my sis and I were chatting about coffee all day. Finally my doubt was clarified cuz I never know how to differentiate the taste of latte, mocha and cappuccino :x To be more simplified, here goes,

Latte: coffee with more milk
Mocha: coffee with chocolate
Cappuccino: espresso and milk

Ok, I'd better go back to my favorite matcha latte. Not so complicated. lol

 My hideous no makeup face for my heaa holidays explains the bnw photo :p

With my sis who came back spontaneously for only two days.

Overall, the service here is good and the barista is very friendly too! He even explained to us how he make the foam and kind enough to let us take video. Video is on my instagram @ameliasoo

Till the next~! xx

Coffee on the Table

164, Lebuh Pantai, 10200 Georgetown, Malaysia 
04-262 2611
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 8:30am-11:00pm

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