Thursday, June 7, 2012


Can't deny that I often get distracted from mugging especially during the study break. I think its more like my holiday break! Pfft.. I tend to watch more dramas and movies(currently watching LoveRain and 耀舞長安 oh gawd :x), tweet more, exersice more(good thing), Instagram more (do follow me if u have one okay!), youtube more (love watching people dancing... Hehe), blog more (see, who is typing right now. Lol)

And stuff myself with more supper too! >.< Just so you know, pure studying can die ~_~

Out for a swim in one of those sunny days. Truth to be told, I just wanna show off my sunglasses laa cuz I think it's very yeng.. don't you think so? Hahaha xD

Exams, let's rock! Till then. With love, ame.

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