Monday, June 25, 2012


Hi my Lil bloggy, yours truly iz back!! Only if you realized, I update my blog more frequent than my fb. Fb is just a tool for me to stalk ppl. Aha oops :x Nola, I'm no stalker another way of updating friend's life. But it seems like I don't quite fancy to update my life in fb. I prefer to do blogging, captioning pics and describing my life in a piece of post rather than just uploading pictures in an album. Hehe. Okay, i dont know why the crap am i talking about this?!?!?! So out of topic -.- Lol. So, in short, if u want to update me (臉皮厚) *rolls eyes* just find me here lah! Or Instagram for instant update. pffftt... Haha

Revamping my wardrobe is one of my to-do-list during this holiday. Can go lorong kulit Lelong my jeans already eyh? 😏 Haha

Feeling so...ahem... artsy in this picture. Lol. Oh well, gonna do smtg with my hair soon! Stay tuned?

Oh my Ed westwick!!!! Why are you so entao!!!!!!?

I'm on holidays! So, call me, maybe? Haha. Source from #instagram #funsubstance kthxbai

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