Monday, September 12, 2011

Dear 365, today is Day 255

Happy Eating Mooncake Festival everyone!! :) 

Done watching Sungkyunkwan Scandal within 2 days! hahah!! Omg but couldnt help.. cuz the main character Park Min Young is too pretty!! And Micky Yoochun (one of the DBSK members) is one of the mains too. But I love Song Joong Ki aka Goo Yong Ha (in the drama) the most. He is freaking cuteeee and hilarious! <3<3<3 

But all in all, the storyline was not bad also la.. Not that much of oh-typical-Kdrama-crying-here-and-there scenes.. I don't really like it. So yeah, it's sorta Korean version of Mulan.

Ok, I know you might not know what I'm crapping so JUST GO WATCH LAH! =P 

 Im now loading You tube for this drama heheehe! which is the City Hunter (I heard it's a nice drama)! And the connection in my uni slow to the MAX T^T that's why I come here while waiting it to load zzZ.... And Episode 1 can't be watched for God knows why.... And I straight skip to Episode 8 -.- because I can't wait anymore I just wanna watch Park Min Young and aLee Min Ho.... And I must go back and DOWNLOAD... And I think Im turning into lil Kdrama fansyy liao hahaha!! And goodnight! And tmr got clinical session.. SIEN! And that's it for my 'And' =P hahah! bye! xx

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