Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dear 365, today is Day 266

Hellllo all! I feel that my blog is becoming so dull and boring! Or another word - D Y I N G... Seriously, I have nothing much to update about cuz my life ain't so happening lately after all! BOO. Gonna get some freelance jobs to kill time soon! Yeah work and M O N E Y ! :)

And oh yah, I'm so into Kpop lately cuz I'm so amazed by their dance (music? err.. partly) I really like their dance moves and all.. you know, so damn sexy and hot ! I've always wanted to learn and youknowwhat, secretly, I did(!), practice on my own at home by watching tutorials on YouTube. Here are some that I like :)

#1 Huh by 4minutes
Currently still in the learning progress.. heheh ''umm lian'' (hokkien)

#2 Mr. by Kara
They are effing GENG in shaking their butts weih!! Must learn! HOT HOT! hahah!!

#3 I Am The Best by 2ne1
No offense, but the mostly-heard-word from this song is CELAKA when I first listened to this song! hahaha!! Okay, but after google-ing, it's pronounced as jal naga o.O 
N O  O F F E N S E  alright *peace*

#4 Mr Taxi

#5 Run Devil Run 
Lazy to get the link.... 

I srsly think that dancing is a great way of exercising! I sweat a lot even though I dance only a bit at home.. 
For one second I thought, why not I do a cover on one of the songs (since I've got a tripod w me rightttt..) 
HAHAHAH dunno la just a random thought

[check] Omg I like ! box if you wish to see a cover by me!
Will do one if it's more than 10? Lol

Lotsa love,

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