Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy moments!

It will be the last post for my Shen Zhen's trip, like pheww, finally! haha!

It took me friggin a year to get my HK travelogue done. I know wtf right...
I still remember last year, this period, after the finals, six of us straight dapao and were all excited to flew to HK. Seriously I cant even describe how much I missed that moment! It was my first time travelling with a bunch of friends so far away from Malaysia.

Oh well, here it is my long awaited pending post for Day 9,10 & 11

Day 9 世界之窗 Window to the World
We get to travel around the world within a day! Yes, world wide's buildings you name it could be possibly spotted inside. Too cool to not post any picture of them cus we took gazillion of photos. I think pictures could speak a thousand words. So, I shall let them speak! hehehe (Im too lazy to type anything now :P)

Hot sunny day. We ended up all tanned :(

This is epic. hahha! Another word, HAMSAP!! lol

Emo kids

See no other

Why'd you travel so far to Paris while you can effing visit the Eiffel Tower in SZ? :P

Does it somehow remind you of Fast 5? Yes, Brazil it is!

Day 10 歡樂谷

Only few pictures were taken cus we're too busy enjoying all the amusement ride in the theme park 

spot me if you could :P

I would say this is the most scariest rides I've ever sat in my entire life! Literally screamed my lungs out! But hey, I had so much fun! Wouldn't mind to take this ride again :P hehehehe

Our chan-yong-WOO-HA-AHH-screaming-like-mad-women faces after whole day of extreme roller coaster rides! 
Genting Highlands' rides? SERIOUSLY. Are you kidding me? That's all for kids DUHH~ hahahaha whack me*

Day 11 SZ->HK International Airport->PEN
Our last day! Awwwww.. I miss Tommy so so so much!

Thanks to Suzie and her parents so so so much!! We are so grateful and even beyond words for everything they had planned for us. It wouldn't be so memorable and successful trip without them! <3 

Tired face

Bye SZ & HK!

I hereby officially end this post. Thanks for reading.


With love,

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