Sunday, September 7, 2014

20 facts about me

Helloo! Since I hardly blog about personal stuff, lemme share something personal today then (was tagged by Eileen:) )

1| Hate prickles (as I'm eating Subway right now)
2| My favorite dish is sambal petai. I can eat up three bowls of rice just with petai. No joke:p
3| I take photos using my 'feel' instead of skills. Lol
4| I can't stand people or myself being late. I don't like to be late.
5| Love traveling but hate packing.
6| One of my must-do list is to travel to Tibet. Any takers?
7| I've got height phobia. I'm afraid of taking ferris wheel and cable car but NOT roller coaster ride. Weird.
8| Instagram is like my bible before sleep. Lol 
9| My favourite pass time is to edit pictures. 
10| I love to eat anything with eggs. 
11| I'm a lazy person. I prefer to nua at home and be 宅女 during weekends.
12| I'm not an outgoing person. I got social-awkward disorder.
13| I use my hard-earned money to travel. So, don't judge. You just did, didn't you? :p
14| Sometimes I worry too much over lil thing.
15| I like to plan things ahead. Don't like last-minute work.
16| I've got 選擇困難症. Decision making is always hard for me. ie: will end up buying two different colors of clothes with same pattern. 
17| I hardly watch movies in the cinema.
18| I don't know how to cook. 
19| I love coffee art but not coffee.
20| My uni friends called me by ah me (sounds like calling mummy) or 愛美麗 cuz I'm very 愛美. wtf haha and it's also because Amelia pronounce as ai mei li in Mandarin lahh. 

Tag @camillesoo if you are reading this since your blog is so dead and you are so free now:p

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CamilleSoo said...

HAHAHAH! I am reading now!! you know me for 22 years already. don't need my 20 facts la. ehehehe