Monday, May 26, 2014

H-Artistry Penang 2014

Press Conference

Had a meet and greet session with the artistes in the morning at Equatorial Hotel just before the party at night. 

Greeted by the host, Julie Woon.

Dj Brooklyn was just right in front of me! Looking petite and like a real life barbie!

Q&A session with the artistes. I must say most of them have a great sense of humor. It was quite a lively interview hearing them cracking jokes! More like friendly talk than an interview. 

Magic Power from Taiwan. So surprised to know they've performed four times for H-Artistry already! Hmm, I think I really need to keep myself updated. To be honest, I didn't know who they are but I did secretly do last minute homework from the internet. :X

A group photo
Front row: Magic Power
Back row from the left: Paperplane Pursuits, DJ Brooklyn, Imma *Bleep* YouUp


Photo by Christer. Thanks for making us so tall here! xD
My plus one of the night was Cynthia. And how can we not taking pic with such a nice backdrops!

和一群小妹妹们 haha! I seriously looked like their 大姐姐 pfft..

Decked out in elegant and chic hues of red and black, the H-Artistry Art of Mixing Zone was where the evening kicked off at 7.00pm, as party goers were treated to stunning performances by the H-Artistry dancers, accompanied by pumping lounge beats - as more party revellers made their way to the biggest party of the year in Penang. 

Party revellers were then greeted by the host, Julie Woon, and were invited to the main party arena, a spectacular club-like environment which featured an amazing stage set-upand towering H-Artistry LED backdrops.The energy in the main arena peaked as the opening sequence featured an electrifying laser show, striking LED visuals and a build up of energy and excitement from the crowd that definitely shook the arena

As the room faded to black, individual lights lit to reveal Paperplane Pursuit who serenaded the crowd with their hits such as “Everybody Wants Somebody” and “Higher”. The Malaysian pop sensation wooed the crowd as they joined in to echo the lyrics of each song.

 The energetic experience was only to be topped off with a reveal of the duo behind the decks – with the reveal leading to the introduction of DJ Ernest C, and DJ Reeve to the enthusiastic crowd.

The atmosphere of the room went through the roof as Taiwan’s EDM/mando pop band, Magic Power took over the stage, delivering a multi-genre musical journey like no other.

 As the cheers grew louder, the Australian queen of big room beats, DJ Brooklyn took over the deck and made her presence obvious as she dropped beats and tunes that got the whole arena pumping.

With energies soaring across the roof, the crowd gave a warm Malaysian welcome to the electro house trio, Imma*Bleep*Youup 

My expression damn synchro with them! lol

Ending my post with Magic Power's 嘎嘎.  郭品超 look alike, no?


Kharn Yee said...

Hi 大姐姐!<3

Rachael Teoh said...

Nice to meet you there! :)