Thursday, October 31, 2013

Kaffa Espresso Bar

So, my partner-in-crime and I randomly decided to escape back in Penang during the one-day Haji public holiday. No doubt, it was way too bored staying in the campus and growing mushroom :X We eventually ended up hopping into a new cafe in Penang - Kaffa Espresso Bar

Menu on the chalkboard seems to be very common in cafes these days.

It was a rainy day to enjoy a nice cuppa coffee!

This cafe also has their very own painted wall art 

I'm in love with the ambiance here. It's quite a relaxing and comfortable place to chill out at.

The Beatles on the wall

While waiting for our food to be served #asianatwork

Salted Caramel Macchiato RM12.50
Rating: 8/10
So, we tried the highly recommended salted caramel macchiato. Tasted like salty coffee.

Here comes our brunchie

Turkey Ham Sandwhich RM16.90
Rating: 6/10
We ordered Big Bite Breakfast originally. But, they gave us the wrong order :/ Blur us, only realized that after stuffing everything in our tummy. Well, the turkey ham sandwich was rather a disappointing one. I can make this sandwhich myself lahh :p If you get what I meant 

Egg and Toast RM9.90
Rating: 9/10
The scramble eggs were rather nice tho!

Smoked Salmon Sandwich RM16.90
Rating: 8.5/10
I tapao-ed this back home and it still taste yummm after a long whole day. Not so bad afterall :)

Overall the food was okay but certainly not a place to be patronized frequent as the price was quite steep for students :/

Cappucino on the right RM10

Me wearing very cincai-ly

I guess this is the signature Marilyn Monroe wall art of theirs. Very prettayy

Try'na mimic her pose xD

22, Green hall, 10200 Georgetown Penang.
Operating hours: As the pic above

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