Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Moontree47 槟城之月树

Ohai, it's September already! Time passes so fast. It was exactly a month ago I visited Moontree47. Went on the first time during dinner time and it was closed. So, this time I visited them for my brunch :)

Upon entering, you can feel 70's ish.

The bar counter is also very vintage-ish

Old-styled clocks hanging as decor. All time were set the same which is 10:10 if you realized o.O haha 

And here comes our brunchie! I remembered I was pretty hungry that day. Luckily, they served the food pretty fast. 
Bacon Toast Sausage Breakfast? RM13
Rating: 8.5/10
Sorry, I've totally forgotten what is it called (cuz the name is weird one) and I didn't bother to take pic of the menu also. So I created the names myself xD haha! 

Gutin Cheese Bacon? RM15
Rating: 9/10
Though I don't remember their names, I definitely remember their taste! It was chapalang of bacon mixed cheese and semi raw eggs. Awesome brunch I had there! The food was very nice and I can't even. Will definitely go back again and take a pic of the menu *smirks*

Caffe Almondno RM10
Rating: 8/10
The only name I remember -___- haha

A unique clock with different timezone :D I believe their boss is a huge fans of clock? Lol.

Colorful table with the chalk-written wifi password on it

Moontree in Chinese called 月树. 

Vintage cameras on display! Things I love:) 

They are selling some postcards for the travelers too. And oh, did I mention they actually provide homestay, too?

Retro kind of Minivelo. lol.

My syiok sendiri moment.

Wandered around the backyard and secretly took some model OOTD shots I called it :x

My cari makan partner playing and exploring with her new toy!


47, Muntri Street, 10200 Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia 
Tel: 04-264 4021 
Mon-Sun: 9am-7pm
Closed on Wednesday

... ...
A very emo month for me as school has just started. My 'hea' (lazy) holiday is over, and will be busy with, LIFE. 

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