Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Behind 50

Holla! Here I am to continue a very backdated post. Pardon me for being a slow poke! Cafe food hunting can say is my new hobby right now. I love chilling with my friends at some nice cafe and at the same time, do what I do the best - take nice pictures lah! lol. I have yet to explore all the cafes in Penang but soon :D
Behind 50 is located at the corner of Muntri Street and Love Lane. It is a bright yellow cafe at one of the hidden lorongs in Penang.

The creative stamp book menu

The rusty bicycle bringing some old-school feel to the cafe

I was very fancy with their retro and vintage design by their own creativity. I guess is the trend nowadays where people love digging out some old stuff for deco.
The soup and garlic bread
Rating: 4/5
I forgot what was this spaghetti called, but I remembered it tasted very weird :S
Spaghetti Carbonara
Rating: 3/5
Sadly it wasn't on par as what I've expected.

Some nice and artsy photos hanging on the wall

Undoubtedly the nostalgic ambience is the main attraction of all. A nice place to hang out with friends :)

Lastly, yours truly.
Bye xx
Behind 50
Love Lane, 10200, Penang
012-493 9230
Business Hour:
Mon-Wed : 1130-0100
Fri-Sun : 1130-0100
(Close on Thursday)

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