Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Just before I went to Korea, I came across Murad Osmann's Instagram. He's a photographer and has this signature holding-his-girlfriend-hand pose wherever he travels to. Dingding* I was inspired, I ALSO WANT MAII OWN SIGNATURE POSE!! I cracked my brain but couldn't come up with any creative one. Ended up with the impromptu da bian pose (shitting) , named by my roomie. tsk tsk! Because standing and looking at the camera are too mainstream mahh... So here you go, my signature shitting pose in Korea ! pfft..  

@ Seoul tower

@ Jeju Island

@ Seoul tower

@Seopjicoji hill

@ Sungsan Sunrise Peak

@ Glass Castle

@ Suwon Farm

@ Mount Sorak

@ Kyongbok Palace

I missed out alot of places though! Like myeong dong, dongdaemun market, everland etc.. Probably shopping always come first to me... haha :D Klah, till then, hope you enjoyed my da bian pose photos! lol xx

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