Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Hola! I've got a tumblr! A platform where I'll post mostly of my self-claimed/or you might think it is 艺术照 artsy photos, instagram photos, and reblogging photos/videos I like. ALL IN. I realized I just couldn't organize my pictures properly but I'm very eager to share my pretty pictures before deleting them. However, I don't want to spam my insta friends! Haha, i know posting too many pictures can be boring(or annoying?) to you all sometimes. But, can't help the fact that I pretty enjoy editing photos even if it's just a glass of teh tarik *insert sarcasm* My friends always go 'Amelia, your face is not even in the food/pancake/tehtarik......' tsktsk. Hence, I came up with amelia's chapalang recently, where I can share anything and everything, be it rubbish or useless one :p I'll be using my tumblr when I'm lazy to brainstorm.................. for the caption. I know right, what a good idea! *smirks*

Well, you know, just in case u want to stalk me. teehee 

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