Thursday, February 2, 2012

Jap Cuisine

Remember once I told y'all I had had a 'secret mission'? Hahah! It was actually setting up a food blog with my girls Jace & MF. Since I love taking photos, MF is a food hunter & Jace is good at writing. So, we thought it would be a great association for starting up a food blog! But too bad, it ended up #missionphailed cuz we were too lazy halfway (hangat-hangat tahi ayam and kind of 半途而廢). Lol. Hence, I thought of sharing some pictures I'd taken here instead of keeping them in my folder and left unused. Good food shall be shared right? hehe.. No worries, I will let y'll drool all the way ! teehee :P

Please ignore the watermark though. Don't wanna take the trouble to edit them again. Our main idea was actually a ghost namely 'TamChiakGui' who is very tamchiak and loves exploring various kind of food. So, today I'll be posting Japanese Cuisine first. The rest I shall leave it for the next entry!

Our sexay mermaid gui cute or not!? lol

Jungle feel for the entrance

Isaribi Tei Japanese Restaurant

Location: 60 & 62 Chow Thye Road, 10050 Penang, Malaysia.
Phone: 04-2298684
Hours: Mon - Sun 12:00-15:00

p/s: I'm not good at describing food.. So, am very sorry for the lack of descriptions as my speciality is eat only :P lolwtf #phailfoodblogger kthxbai ! xx

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