Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dear 365, today is Day 319

A random one day trip to Ipoh.

#1 stop: Had our first meal of the day at Foh Shan Cha Lou. Guided by the GPS. Luckily the dim sum was not bad :)  

#2 stop: Kellie's Castle

Ah well, heard that this castle has many *toottoots* 'hao peng you' (Ang moh ones sumor) staying in it. Please tell me bout the stories of this castle if you know. Lol. I seriously didn't know the existence of this castle until my sis told me. Hahahah! Obviously, my Sejarah #phailed

Very vintage ish eyh

Good spot for photoshooting

Using the DSLR to camho! handshakes*

The sis and I. 

#3 stop: Went to the one and only popular Kinta City shopping mall to stroll around and the main purpose was to get some air-con :P

# Last stop: Din din at the famous Lou Wong Nga Choi Gai

Here ends the very short summary of my one day trip. Till then! X 

p/s: Awful mood swings haunted me but I'm all good now after talking to my darling B! I don't like being emo! I just want to be happy :D

Love, ame.

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