Monday, August 8, 2011

Grandeur Couture

Models: Camille Soo, Amelia Soo 
Photographed by: Amelia Soo, Cynthia Tan

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Sun bian did a photoshoot for my sis since I've promised her to do one for her! hehe!! Those I've posted here are the ones me like!  


#2 She really got the model look, doesn't she?


#4 Notty secretary look!! HAHHAH!!


#6 Ballerina look..

#7 Love this one very much! Very ze sisterly feel!! hehehe.. Her eye contact can kill people!! LOL!!


#9 I joined in for fun... and also because my friend has got two pieces of the same outfit with different colours.. which then inspired me that we can do The Soo's Sisters theme next time! Not bad ma right?! hahahah!!


Comments are appreciated <3
Have a good day people! xx


Nava Krishnan said...

The ballerina black skirt is my kind of fashion.

ken said...

i think #1 is simple, nice and elegant :)

Lily said...

wow~gorgeous photos and models! :)

A. said...

@Nava K: :)
@Ken: Hehe, yeah think so too :)
@Lily: Thanks Lily! hehe :D