Thursday, June 2, 2011

Just before I go...

Tadaa! Here are some of the pictures for the SPCA event:) 
Picture credits to one of the photographers there (IDK who he is, but thanks!) Got the pics from fb btw.

Here you go!

Us, PDT! Our instructor looking smoking hawt here!

Ending pose


Cowboy dance?

Hip hop

Latin! Nice skirts!

Love this picture of hers! As if enjoying herself so much in dancing huh! 

End this post with yours truly(with her forceful smile -.-')! 
So finally you get to see me in my full gear :D

Toodles! Wish me luck in my finals! xx


Lily said...

Sui cha bor! Smoking hawt really! Bila give me a private show har? =p Miss ya! All the best in your finals!^^

A. said...

Hey Lily! Hahaha thankiu <3! Private show after the finals?! =P All the best in your finals too! jiayou jiayou!!