Monday, June 14, 2010

Run devil run

Another nice song and video =)

Fyi, this is the amount that i need to study for my finals. I KID YOU NOT. Need a luggage to dapao them back pulak -.- Super FML week. Looong, tough and torturing week. Studied until the world goes upside down.

Nice sunrise at Bukit Tambah =) Jogged at there almost EVERY morning during the study break. So healthy lah me XD This is the evidence that i still got do sports one kayy :D ah-hem *chrisssstine plez say something if you see this sentence* *aheemm* *hints* lol

Arghh, any fitness studio in penang teaching this? I so wanna go and learn the dance moves!!

Okay, am being so korean-ish these days. "Korean infection" from the house mate? heh. Btw, am planning to learn to do Vblog after the exams. Will do Vblog about my trip if it does not trouble me with those uploading and editing errors. It's a to-do-list during my holidays. Hopefully I can make it : ) Exoh.


Chrissy said...

No prove whatsoever~!!!
Really cannot believe.. Hahahaha... Where is Bukit Tambah anyway?? Lolz..

I know you're expecting a praise from me.. but...


muahahahah... just because~!!! muahahahha...
I feel evil =)
I'm gonna test your stamina when I get back =)

A. said...

weih.. mana boleh like dat one.. praise a lil bit also kenot mehhh -.- hrmph! My mom can prove it one lor!! I jogged with her almost everyday k K k!! I dunno whether it's Bukit Tambah or not.. aiya whatever bukit laa XD It's somewhere near the place you play squash one ahhh if im not mistaken laa... batu lancang or jelutong there.. Sure no prob! Now i can run ten rounds like you liaw.. as in 10 small rounds.. lol XD

A. said...
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