Tuesday, October 29, 2013



MIREICA® nutri-peau® is a Sophisticated, Comprehensive and Natural Anti-Aging Skin Nutrition Formula. With recent scientific advances, Mireica truly is an effective skin supplement which is fast becoming mainstream skincare. 
It contains active and complementary ingredients, which synergistically work to promote skin hydration and elasticity, structural integrity, and control accelerated aging caused by oxidative stress. It provides essential UV protection for all skin types with anti-inflammatory properties to reduce skin irritation and infections.
There are 30 sachets in a box, priced at RM178. Available in all leading pharmacy. One sachet daily, best taken in the morning with empty stomach or during the night before sleep.

Dissolve the powder in a glass of cold water/ normal water. Stir to make it even and wait for a few seconds until the effervescence disappeared. And now you may drink. For the taste, it's just like drinking soft drink of coke :D

After consuming for a month #nofilter #nomakeup except eyebrows

And yeah, that's my skin condition in real life. You all are so lucky to have a pretty good skin. So be appreciate okayyy! IDK is it due to hormonal or what, my acne just can't stop popping out on my chin tsk -.- and it actually bothers me a lot! So I thought of trying Mireica as it's a skin supplements and would do no harm after all. In fact, I've had tried tons of skincare products and sadly none of them has worked out on my scars/acne. After consuming for a month, I am pretty impressed with the results. Scars have significantly reduced, skin has becoming more moisturized and even toned but my chin acne still keep popping out as usual lah. Perhaps I'm still in my 青春期 (puberty period)? Lolol! I'm waiting for better result though. Will get back to you all soon :)

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